Coronavirus FAQs

Questions about cover for coronavirus? Read our FAQs and find out what our policies can do for you. If you would like to contact us, please note we are currently only available 09:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday due to reduced operational capacity. Thank you.

Policy Wording Documents

The link below will take you to the full wording of your policy. It's where the small print is, so please take a moment to read it carefully. It tells you exactly what is and what isn't covered on your Guest First policy.

Cover and premiums are subject to acceptance.

Please also read our Terms of Business.

For policies currently available please see the link below.

If your policy was issued previously please refer to your confirmation email or contact us for a copy of the wording issued at that time:

Important information...

Medical conditions

Guest First does not cover claims where at the time of taking out this insurance:

  1. The insured person:
    1. is aware of any set of circumstances which could reasonably have been expected to give rise to a claim; or
    2. has suffered from a chronic or recurring illness during the previous twelve months UNLESS permission is obtained from the treating doctor of fitness to travel at the time of booking; or
    3. is travelling against the advice of a doctor or where they would have been if they had sought their advice before beginning the trip; or
    4. knows that they will need treatment or consultation at any medical facility during the trip; or
    5. is travelling for the purpose of obtaining and/or receiving any elective surgery, procedure or hospital treatment.
  2. The person whose condition gives rise to a claim:
    1. is receiving, or on a waiting list for treatment in a hospital or nursing home; or
    2. is awaiting the results of any tests or investigations; or
    3. has been given a terminal prognosis.

If the insured person has an existing medical condition for which consultation or treatment has been received during the 6 months prior to the date of issue of the policy, the excesses under cancellation/curtailment and medical repatriation & other expenses are increased from £40 to £80.

Excess waiver

For £9.00 you can delete the standard excess. This will mean that in the event of a claim, the standard excess is reduced to nil.

Your cancellation rights

If your cover does not meet your requirements, you can return the documentation within 14 days of receipt. Provided you have not travelled or made or intend to make a claim, your premium will be refunded in full.


Guest First is available to residents of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man).