Coronavirus FAQs

Questions about cover for coronavirus? Read our FAQs and find out what our policies can do for you. If you would like to contact us, please note we are currently only available 09:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday due to reduced operational capacity. Thank you.

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What your Guest First policy gives you

Guest First policies will cover any UK resident of any age from as little as £28 per booking, even if they have a medical condition. We cover all UK holidays and our cancellation insurance can be used to insure bookings and pre booked travel on cottage holidays, hotel or guesthouse stays as well as holiday park or campsite holidays. Premiums vary according to the total cost of the holiday. We can cover holidays costing up to £4,000.

Cover for your medical conditions

Guest First policies will cover your medical conditions without the need to go through screening or make any uncomfortable declarations. Please note, however, that an excess of just £80 applies if you have to claim for a pre existing medical condition during your holiday.

Cover if you have to cancel your holiday

Your Guest First holiday cancellation insurance will cover you should you cancel or cut short your holiday due to death, injury, illness, cancellation of armed forces leave or redundancy, summons for jury service or as a court witness or if your home becomes uninhabitable.

Cover for relatives or business associates

Guest First policies also provide cover if you or any members of your party are unable to travel due to the death, severe accidental injury or serious illness of somebody you are staying with, travelling companions or close relatives or business associates who are not travelling.

Delays and breakdowns

You'll also be safeguarded against public transport delays of six hours or more, due to a strike, industrial dispute, weather conditions or mechanical breakdown and you'll have access to our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service if things go wrong.

Additional benefits

Guest First includes cover for catastrophes and nuisance during your holiday, pollution of beaches compensation and motor breakdown benefit of £200.00 per vehicle or £75 per day for a hire car. See our full summary of cover below:

Summary of cover Limit (up to) per person Excess per policy
Loss of deposit, cancellation or curtailment Cost of the holiday (max £4,000) per party £40* (£15 loss of deposit) per party
Medical repatriation & other expenses £25,000 £40
Personal accident £15,000** Nil
Personal liability £2,000,000 £100***
Personal possessions £1,500 £40
Personal money £250 £40
Travel disruption £300 Nil
Travel delay (over 6 hours) £90 Nil
Polluted beaches £30 per day (£150 total) Nil
Catastrophe £1,000 Nil
Nuisance £1,000 Nil
Breakdown – labour costs


Breakdown – hire car
£200 per vehicle Nil
£75 per day
(£750 in total per vehicle)

*£80 if due to an existing medical condition.
**Death £10,000 in total (limited to £1,000 when you are under 1 8 or over 7 5 at the time of incident).
***£250 damage to accommodation per party.

This is a summary of cover only. Full terms, conditions and excesses are shown in the insurance policy or by calling us on 0345 90 80 101.