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What your Guest First policy gives you

Guest First policies will cover any UK resident up to the age of 100 from as little as £15.00 per booking. They cover UK holidays only and can be used to insure bookings and pre booked travel on cottage holidays, hotel or guesthouse stays as well as holiday park or campsite holidays. Premiums vary according to the total cost of the holiday.

Cover if you have to cancel your holiday

Your Guest First holiday cancellation insurance will cover you should you cancel or cut short your holiday due to death, injury, illness or redundancy, summons for jury service or as a court witness or if your home becomes uninhabitable.

Cover for relatives or business associates

Guest First policies also provides cover if you or any members of your party are unable to travel due to the death, severe accidental injury or serious illness of close relatives or business associates who are not travelling.

Delays and breakdowns

You'll also be safeguarded against public transport delays of twelve hours or more, due to a strike, industrial dispute, weather conditions or mechanical breakdown and you'll have access to our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service if things go wrong.

Extra Care for extra peace of mind

Guest First Extra Care is included as a free of charge package with every Guest First policy and includes cover against unexpected travel and accommodation expenses up to £1000, pollution of beaches compensation of £10.00 per day, motor breakdown benefit of £20.00 per day and cover in case your holiday accommodation becomes uninhabitable for up to £200.