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Guest First Insurance FAQs

I am going on a holiday in the UK. Can I use Guest First to insure my booking?

Yes. That's what we're here for. Guest First Holiday Cancellation Insurance covers holidays in the UK only. This includes hotel, apartment, bed and breakfast and cottage holidays. Cover starts at just £14.00 per booking.

I am over 60. Can I still insure my booking with Guest First?

Yes of course. We provide holiday insurance cover for people up to the age of 100.

My holiday is costing £200. How much will it cost to insure my booking?

Our premiums are calculated per party and based on the cost of your holiday. For holidays up to £200 you will pay just £15.00.

The easiest way to book your cover is to use our online premium quotation form here.

Alternatively you can work out your premium using the simple table here.

What happens if a relative or friend falls ill and I have to cancel the course to look after them?

Guest First covers cancellation or curtailment of your holiday even if it is caused by a close relative who is not travelling.

If you have special relationships or dependents who are not related to you, please call us for more information.

I am going on holiday with a friend. Can we insure both of us on the same application form?

Yes. Simply add together the total cost of the holiday for the two of you and insure at the same time. There is no need to buy two policies. Use our online form to find out how much your premium will be. One of you will be the applicant and you can list up to 11 additional people on the Guest First policy.

Do you cover delays and transport problems?

Yes. Our Extra Care Cover (which is free with your policy) will cover you for unexpected travel and accommodation expenses, pollution of beaches, motor breakdown and holiday accommodation becoming uninhabitable.

Do you offer foreign travel insurance as well as UK holiday insurance?

Yes. We're travel insurance specialists. Our World First travel insurance offers single trip and cheap annual travel insurance. We can cover anybody up to the age of 100 including those people with pre-existing medical conditions. These can be declared online or by calling 0845 90 80 161. For instant quotations and online cover go to World First Travel Insurance.

Is there an excess if I need to claim on my Guest First policy?

No. There are no excess charges with Guest First policies.

Does Guest First cover me for foreign travel?

No. The policy only provides cover for holidays in the UK. For holidays abroad visit our sister site, World First Travel Insurance.

Who underwrites Guest First Holiday Insurance?

Travel Insurance Facilities manages the UK and Ireland Branch office of German Insurer, Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV), part of Germany's largest banking group, Versicherungskammer Bayern Group (VKB Group) with 570 regional companies, 19,000 local agencies and a 38 percent share of the German Market.

I have a medical condition. Can you still cover me?

No. But you will still be covered for unrelated incidents, even if you have a medical condition and have a Guest First policy.

We do not cover any medical condition which has been suffered, or under investigation or review (routine or otherwise), or for which medication, advice or treatment has been received within the past 12 months (prior to the date your policy is issued or the date your trip is booked - whichever is later).

Our policies will not cover holiday arrangements made or undertaken against the advice of a doctor, for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment or where a terminal prognosis has been given.

They do not cover Psychological or psychiatric disorders, insanity, anxiety, stress or depression.

If you are travelling in the UK and require cover for pre-existing medical conditions, then our Hotelsure insurance policy will provide all the cover you need. With Hotelsure there are no exclusions relating to your health. Call us?

What is the maximum cost of a holiday that Guest First can insure?

Our maximum sum insured is £3,000 per person.

We're travelling by train and booking our tickets in advance. Can we insure the cost of our tickets too?

Yes. Guest First will cover all irrecoverable expenses for travel and pre-booked holiday accommodation. Just include the cost of the tickets when you work out your premium.

Who are Guest First and are you registered with the Financial Services Authority?

Guest First is arranged by Rothwell & Towler. We are a family business established in 1973 and, for your peace of mind, we are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

I have a number of existing medical conditions. Can you recommend somebody who can offer travel insurance for holidays abroad?

Yes. Our World First policy is for holidays outside the UK and we can cover 1000s of pre-existing medical conditions. Find more details on our medical travel insurance here.


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T: 0845 90 80 101
E: info@guestfirst.co.uk

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Guest First Insurance is a trading name of Rothwell & Towler (2013) Ltd and is an appointed representative of Crispin Speers & Partners Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA register number 311507. Travel insurance premiums and availability of cover may vary depending on individual circumstances. If you are a consumer insured (i.e. a person buying insurance wholly or mainly for personal purposes unrelated to your employment), you have a duty to take reasonable care to answer questions fully and accurately, and that any information you volunteer is not misleading. This duty exists before the cover is placed, when renewed, or altered at any time throughout the duration of the policy. If you do not do so, your Insurer may be able to void your policy from inception. Rothwell & Towler (2013) Ltd, Registered in England No. 08294942. Registered Office: St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1PE.